Part of what we love about letterpress is the tactile feel of the finished print which adds another element to the overall design and quality of the finish.

Inks used for letterpress tend to be thicker and stickier than the usual standard printing inks and require working with a palette knife to mix it into a syrupy consistency before use so that the resulting prints get a good even application and a quality finish.

Paper types and weights vary, but the nicest prints in our opinion tend to be done on a 100% cotton stock on a heavy weight, something like 300gsm with a rough uncoated finish. The thicker stock works especially well and displays the embossed type finish commonly associated with this printing technique. During the print setup presses have to be adjusted manually to create even pressure across the surface of the print to ensure a consistent finish for the ink and also the embossing created by the plates or block type. In fact some designers like to use a clear ink or even no ink at all to create prints that just emboss the paper and give a great tactile feel.

Pressed Face prints take all these elements into consideration at the design stage and we hope you agree the finished quality reflects these ideals!


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